Inard CAD 3.5.2

Source:Pär Steffansson

Create CAD drawings with speed and ease.

Inard was created with the vision to empower professionals and home builders to create CAD drawings with speed and ease. It combines the speed of the touch screen with efficient basic AutoCAD features.

Inard prompts the user with relevant actions dependent on what has been chosen on the screen and use sane defaults where possible. This approach does not clutter the interface and minimizes number of steps needed to achieve result. To reach full potential the user need to spend a few minutes to learn how to trigger and use basic AutoCAD features like Mirror, Offset, and Extend.

Reading the Quick Start by selecting Help found in the bar menu will have you up and running within 10 minutes. More extensive documentation is coming soon.

Inard supports lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, text and distances. The basic editing features Copy, Move, Rotate and Delete are supported as well as the more advanced CAD features Extend, Fillet, Mirror, and Offset. Line widths, text heights, distances are adapting to the size of the drawing as it grows. Line type, line width, text height, and color can be modified by editing existing layers. Sharing the result as an JPG is done with a few clicks.

Features coming up are angle measurements and splitting circle and arcs when crossed.

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